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Weasel Edger Chopper
Weasel Edger Chopper
Your Price: $24.95
Lady's Lavender Weasel EDGER
Lady's Lavender Weasel EDGER
Your Price: $14.95
On sale: $5.95 On Sale

Lawn and Garden Shovels at Agelong Brands

With their carbon steel heads and shanks, these shovels are designed to provide you with years of reliable service.
Instead of trying to use the same shovel for every job, you can reduce the amount of effort a project takes by keeping a selection of garden shovels among your lawn and garden supplies. Garden shovels are available in a range of lengths and blade styles. While clean-up garden shovels feature a square blade and are able to carry material, garden shovels with a round point can be used to dig holes quickly. At Agelong Brands, you'll find the best and most innovative lawn and garden supplies, from products for removing weeds to garden shovels and rakes.

On top of the array of lawn and garden supplies that we carry, you can also find household products for indoor use. You'll find cleansers from Bon Ami and Faultless Starch. The formulations for both of these products have been used for more than 100 years! To find out more about the household products that we carry, contact our customer service staff at or by phone at (800) 892-8022.
Steel Glo Stainless Steel and Copper Cleaner