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Weasel Claw Pro
Weasel Claw Pro
Your Price: $34.95
Weasel Garden Claw by Garden Weasel
Weasel Garden Claw by Garden Weasel
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Claw Pro Tines Four read more for tine warranty
Claw Pro Tines Four read more for tine warranty
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Garden Claw by Garden Weasel from Agelong Brands

With the Garden Claw, you can cultivate, loosen, and aerate your soil and remove troublesome weeds.

With the selection of lawn and garden equipment available from Garden Weasel, it's easier than ever before to tend to your yard. At Agelong Brands, we carry a broad range of equipment from Garden Weasel, including a cultivating tool and the popular Garden Claw.

Styles of the Garden Claw From Garden Weasel

You can find a Garden Claw from Garden Weasel to suit your particular needs. All of the styles of the Garden Claw from Garden Weasel can be operated without kneeling or bending over, and all feature handles with comfortable grips. Among the styles that we carry are:

  • The Garden Claw SUPER,which features a stirrup so that it is easy to drive into heavy clay soil

  • The Mini Claw Tall, for light weeding in areas that are hard to reach

  • The Garden Claw PRO,which has an adjustable height

In addition to the Garden Claw and the cultivating tool from Garden Weasel, we carry an edging tool for you to create the landscaping shapes and demarcations you want on your lawn.

If you have any questions about the lawn and garden equipment in our catalog, you can speak with our customer service staff at (800) 892-8022 or contact us by email at

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